Top 5 Reasons to Join Our Agency Council

Now in its 4th year, Second Harvest Food Bank’s Agency Council is ready to grow!

The Council is a group of committed partner agencies and Second Harvest staff who meet monthly to strategically discuss things happening at the food bank, at their agencies and out in the community.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider joining:


#1 Be the First to Hear Food Bank News

Council members often learn about updates to programs like SNAP and TEFAP, and get sneak peaks at things like our new warehouse layout before they’re communicated network-wide. Second Harvest staff are regularly invited to present updates from their respective areas – past speakers include Greg Higgerson, VP of Development and Kelly Quintero, Director of Advocacy and Government Relations.

#2 Meet Other Agencies

We know that it can be hard to network with other agencies. The Council is the perfect place to get to know agencies of all shapes and sizes by providing an easy, nonthreatening way to connect with one another and to share common challenges and successes.

#3 The Open Forum

Ask us anything! Really! Each Agency Council meeting concludes with an “open forum” where we discuss whatever is on your mind. The only rule – if you talk about a problem or concern, you’ll have to offer a potential solution.

#4 Help Plan the Annual Partner Agency Conference

If event planning and design is your thing, Agency Council members will have the opportunity to influence session topics, guest speakers and even the event theme!

#5 Jim Schreiber

Perhaps best known as our conference awards presenter and “Feed Lead Strengthen” ambassador, Jim Schreiber is the immediate past Chairman of SHFB’s Board of Directors. Despite cycling off the Board last year, Jim’s commitment to our agencies lives on through his continued participation in the Council. He is a champion for our partner network and one of its strongest advocates!

Ready to come join us? The Agency Council typically meets on the 3rd Friday of each month. Council members are expected to participate in at least 5 meetings per year. Currently, meetings take place in Orlando, however, plans are in the works for additional county Councils. In the meantime, a call-in number is available for those who can’t come in person.

For more information, or to request to be added to the Agency Council, please contact Fernanda Delgado or 407-514-1050.


Top 5 Reasons to Join Our Agency Council
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