The Art of Midway’s Kids Cafe

Midway Safe Harbor is just that, a sheltered cove of hope for children in this Sanford community.

Midway ArtOur after school feeding partnership began in 2008. Fast forward thousands upon thousands of meals later, and in 2011 Midway doubled down by joining us to serve children during the summer.

This past June we asked the youngsters to put on their artistic and creative hats by encouraging them to draw on rectangular trays.

A blank canvas is a playground for a child’s imagination.

We underestimated the sheer volume of artwork that would come our way. Pictured are just a few.

We thank Community Educator John Coleman and the rest of Midway’s dedicated staff and volunteers.

We especially thank the youngsters for taking the time to express themselves.


The Art of Midway’s Kids Cafe
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