A Different Kind of Classroom

Brev Homeschool Group 2Last week, our Brevard Branch had the pleasure of hosting a very special group of homeschooled student volunteers of all ages. The project at-hand – to sort donated food items by category to aid our Partner Agencies’ shopping experience.  We explained to the students that by sorting this food, it really shaves off the shopping time for our Partner Agencies, freeing up much needed time for their programs, and allowing them to get back to their agency more quickly.

The group’s mission for their lesson:  As a whole, to teach the kids a love of giving and helping without expecting anything in return.

Here’s what some of our insightful volunteers had to say about their experience that day:

Student (age 17): “It’s good to give back to the community and to help people that can’t always help themselves.”

Student (age 7): “Helping people is fun and everyone needs to work together.”

Student (age 15): “I need to learn these skills to be able to succeed in life. Helping others is part of what I want to do as an adult.

Linda (Mom): “I want my sons to learn that although we have plenty, not everyone else does and it is important to teach them to appreciate life and what we have been blessed with.”

Debbie (Mom): “Young kids need to be taught life skills as well as empathy and compassion. Volunteering teaches them all of those things.”

In 2014-2015, 29,887 volunteers contributed 94,672 hours at Second Harvest! Thank you for donating your time by volunteering with us at the Food Bank!

A Different Kind of Classroom
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