Breakfasts, Lunches, and Snacks Now Being Served at Over 60 Locations

SFSP 60 locationsDuring the month of June, Second Harvest served 68,300 meals to approximately 3,000 youngsters at 66 different Summer Food locations in three counties. That’s close to 100,000 pounds of food in the first 22 operational days!

The Summer Food Service Program for Children, known in Florida as the “Summer BreakSpot,”is a freshly prepared food program that helps bridge the nutritional gap during school vacation when children lack access to school cafeterias.

For the first time in its 8-year sponsorship of the program, Second Harvest is not only preparing fresh summer meals in its community kitchen, but also offering them up at selected locations from the window of a customized food truck making multiple stops.  Historically, the challenges faced by this state-reimbursed program have been geography and awareness. The mobile feeding model is flexible; it can be rerouted and scheduled as needed.

Additionally, last year’s successful expansion into Brevard County laid the foundation for years to come. This summer, we expect to surpass the 10,000 meals served in that county. Temple Terrace Boys and Girls Club is a welcome addition to the program.

The summer season is a time when parents find themselves challenged, unable to rely on school cafeterias that have provided their kids with at least one wholesome meal per day. In the absence of such support, summer camps, churches and community centers must step up to “the plate.” These are our natural partners. Their willing enthusiasm is critical as we work hand in glove to efficiently serve perishable food, safely and on schedule.

Since Second Harvest launched the program in 2008, 462,730 meals have been served – Our goal this summer is to serve over a quarter million meals during 57 operational days.

The Summer Food Service Program, is regulated by Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. As sponsors, we recruit community partners, promote the program and, oversee its day to day operation. Meals are provided to children 18 years of age or under at eligible sites in low-income areas.

For a list of this summer’s sites, follow this link: Second Harvest’s Summer Sites 2015

For more information on the Summer Food Service Program, and to find a site near you, follow this link:

Santos Maldonado
Childhood Hunger Programs Manager

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Snacks Now Being Served at Over 60 Locations
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