Online Safe Food Handling Training

Safeway logoIs your safe food handling certificate expiring soon? Did you know that a safe food handling course is available online through Safeway?

Here are instructions to complete the safe food handling course online:


1. Visit Safeway.

2. Go to “Become a Student,” and click “Register Now.”

3. Select “Food Handler Course.” The course is available in English, Spanish or Chinese/Mandarin.

4. Select “State of Florida.”

5. Select the “Statewide price of “$10.00.”

6. Click “Register Now.”

7. Select “Register” if you are a New Student, or login in you are a returning student.

8. Continue following instructions and submit payment.

9. Once you complete the course, provide a copy of your certificate to Paula Rebman or Hailee Mertz. The certificate expires three years from the date you complete the course.

Please note: Safeway is not affiliated with Second Harvest. If you have questions or need assistance with the online course you will need to contact Safeway directly at 512-996-0909 or

Online Safe Food Handling Training
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