Online Ordering Tip: Sorting & Filters

PWW Login ScreenHave you ever looked at our online inventory and wondered to yourself, “Do I really have to scroll through 17 pages?  There must be an easier way.”

As a matter of fact, there is!

When you go to the online inventory page, you will notice that in the actual list of the inventory there are different columns and headings. Here’s how you can use them to simplify the process:

The Ref (reference) column contains the item number. Clicking on the product reference number will bring up a new window containing the product details.

Place an item quantity in the Qty Textbox and either tab or select another Qty box by moving the mouse cursor. While the system is placing the item in your cart, you will see a little green “wait” button above the available column.

PWW Column Screen

The Red Xs in the delete column will delete the item quantity from the cart.

The starred columns (☆) indicate columns that the Shopping List can be sorted on. Clicking on the underlined word in the column description will sort the column in ascending or descending order. Keep clicking the word until you get the view you want. Note the small arrow pointing downward indicating an ascending selection (smallest number to largest number or alphabetical).   Clicking on the starred column creates a drop down list so you can select the category that you want to view.

At the bottom of the list you can click Apply so that the column will only show those items, or, Reset to erase previous selections.

PWW Apply Shot

By utilizing the different headings of the columns you will be able to sort the product you want to see without having to go through every item on every page. These tips should make your shopping experience a lot smoother and quicker.

To learn more about our online ordering system, download either of the Partner Agency Online Ordering Guides on the Agency Relations Documents Page


Online Ordering Tip: Sorting & Filters
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