What’s in the Warehouse – Bell Peppers!

PeppersThey’re crunchy, nutritious, and add zest to a recipe. Bell peppers are in-season and our warehouse!

Do you know where most green bell peppers sold in the U.S. are grown?

Most green bell peppers in the U.S. are grown in Florida.

Bell peppers are mostly water so they are very low in calories, yet they still pack a nutritious punch. Green bell peppers have twice as much vitamin C as an orange, and red bell peppers have three times as much.

Fresh from Florida’s bell pepper toolkit lists these simple ways to add bell peppers to your meals:

Stuffed Peppers = Bell Peppers + Ground Beef + Rice + Onion + Seasonings

Veggie Pizza = Pizza Dough + Tomato Sauce + Mozzarella Cheese + Peppers + Spinach

Stir-fry = Chicken + Pepper + Onion + Carrots + Soy Sauce + Garlic + Seasonings

If you’re distributing flatbread, pita bread or another fresh bakery bread, encourage your clients to create this delicious Tomato and Sweet Bell Pepper Flatbread. Watch how in English or Spanish.

Click here for a client-friendly handout with instruction on how to cut a bell pepper, with recipes.

What’s in the Warehouse – Bell Peppers!
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