Meet Chef Terah

Chef Terah HeadshotAnother talented staff member has joined the Second Harvest team! Chef Terah joined the Nutrition team in February and she’s been busy cooking some great things up.

Read on to learn more about Chef Terah and the new opportunities she’s sharing with agencies.

Hi Chef Terah. What type of work are you doing with the nutrition program?

I’ve taken on the Nutrition Educator position and I’m so excited! I’m interested in working with agencies that would like to spread the message of healthy eating to their clients. One way to do this is by showing clients how to make healthy meals with pantry items.

When an agency is distributing food, I can set-up a station and show clients how to prepare food that is being distributed that day. For example, if potatoes are being distributed, I can show clients how to cook those potatoes in healthy ways. They can taste the potatoes I cook, and take the recipe to try at home themselves.

We created this flyer that has a little more information about this. Click here to view it.

Many of the clients who are served have unique challenges to cooking and/or eating healthy. How do you hope the work you’re doing will impact them?

I worked one on one with homeless residents at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM). I had the most incredible experience working with them. I taught qualified OURM residents a job training program related to Baking and Pastry, in addition to managing and baking delicious treats for “All Things Sweet,” a non-profit bakery program run through OURM. Sometimes people need to see with their own eyes how simple cooking is, or how simple changes can make a dish healthier. I hope the opportunities I have to work with clients inspire them to make healthier choices in their own kitchens with the foods they receive.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

My favorite thing to cook isn’t really cooking. I love to build salads. I try to make them an explosion of color with fruits, berries and toasted nuts. Then I create an incredible vinaigrette that compliments the salad I have made. I look forward to sharing some delicious salad recipes to go along with the fresh lettuce in the warehouse.

What do you love about being a chef?

There are a lot of things I love about being a chef. I love expressing creativity through cooking, the sense of community it brings to whatever the event is (even if that is only tonight’s dinner), and the most important to me, to put a smile on someone’s face!

If agencies are interested in having you visit their site or have questions, how can agencies reach you?

Agencies can reach me at 407-514-1057 or email me at if they are interested in having me visit their site to do a cooking demo, or if they have other ideas they would like to talk about that better fit their needs.


Meet Chef Terah
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