Online Ordering Tip: Service Info Tab

Service Info TabDid you know that you can access agency distribution info in just two clicks on our online ordering system?

The online ordering system is accessible from this site by clicking the big green ORDER HERE button on the right, or, from our main website by clicking on Partner Agency Login at the bottom of the screen.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your Agency Reference, User Name and Password.

Once you’re in, just click on “My Agency” in the top right corner, then select the “Service Info” tab located under your agency name.

This will open a page of colorful, easy to read graphs allowing you to view the pounds your agency has received from SHFB (by month and by year) and the number of people servedThe pie chart gives you a year-to-date look at the different categories of food you receive from Second Harvest.

Share this info with your staff, volunteers or donors.


Online Ordering Tip: Service Info Tab

2 thoughts on “Online Ordering Tip: Service Info Tab

  1. What some great info.. Have ? How do we update our contacts / POL, food safety ect. Thank you Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry, great question! You can update your information directly after logging in to your account, or, your agency’s contact can reach out to your SHFB Coordinator, Hailee Mertz by phone, company email or on 501c3 letterhead. Hailee can be reached at 407-514-1022 or at

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