Healthy Pantry of the Year Award

Metro West Church of the Nazarene-Herald of Hope

Congratulations to Metro West Church of the Nazarene-Herald of Hope for being named the 2019 Healthy Pantry of the Year at the Partner Agency Conference.

This partner agency goes above and beyond to run a large food pantry distribution utilizing only volunteer assistance.  This year they’ve continued to be an active member of the WO Healthy Pantry Network and have worked diligently to implement health focused practices into their entire distribution process. They also work with Cheyanna in supporting a school market in their area. They’re one of the leading pantries in Orange County for pounds distributed per year. 

This year they added a 20 foot storage container to their property and receive weekly deliveries of produce.  They serve as a large channel of not only food for their clients but other resources as well; they welcome community partners to their distributions to interact with their clients and distribute information, as well as host resource fairs for their community throughout the year. They work to strengthen their community by building relationships with their clients which then allows them to connect them with additional services their clients may need.  They participate in trainings and workshops hosted by the food bank and work creatively to implement what they learn into their regular pantry practices.  They’re a leader, a strong a community resource and an overall great partner to work with.

Thank you to Candace Campbell and her team for doing all that you do for those in need in your community.

Healthy Pantry of the Year Award
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