Nutrition Resources

Are you interested in client-friendly recipes for specific items in the warehouse?

Please visit the Nutrition feed on our homepage where you can find recipes for warehouse items, including fresh produce, program announcements and more.

Below, you will find other client-friendly and nutrition resources and recipes, as well as program information.

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Promoting Healthier Choices

Safe & Healthy Food Pantries Project

Food pantries can support clients in making the healthy choice the easy choice. Learn more about what you can do to give your food pantry a healthy boost.

How to Nudge Guide

This guide includes strategies and tips on how to make the healthy choice, the easy choice at your agency.

Helping Hands for Portion Control

This user-friendly handout can be used to help visualize portion sizes.

Shelf tags, Healthy labels

Print and cut labels. Place near food items to encourage healthy eating, or, consider adding to client distribution bags. Labels include nutrition and cooking tips.


Nutrition Education

These websites will direct you to client-friendly handouts and more.


Healthy Food Bank Hub

Seasonal Produce Guide



The websites below provide budget-friendly recipes for common pantry items.

Click n’ Cook

Recipe Rainbow


USDA Commodity Food Cookbook

SNAP Recipes


Food Safety

These resources provide you with information about product dating and food storage recommendations.

Understanding Product Dating

Entendiendo Las Fechas de Vencimiento de Los Productos

Safe & Healthy Food Pantries Project

An important part of offering healthy food at your pantry is making sure the food is safe to eat. Learn more about what your food pantry can do to promote food safety by clicking the link above.

*New* USDA Foodkeeper App Info

The Food Keeper (color, 8 pages)

The Food Keeper (b&w, 12 pages)

The Food Keeper (color, 52 pages)

Ask Karen

Food Safety Tips for Stocking Your Refrigerator



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