Nudge Training Session 1

The Health and Hunger team is excited to launch our first virtual training series for food pantry staff and volunteers focused on nutrition nudges. Nudges are a set of simple and low cost strategies pantries can use to encourage healthy choices in their pantry.  The training series will consist of a series of 6 short training videos which will be released each month through the Healthy Choices Matter newsletter and posted here on the Partner Agency website to watch.

This first video, Session 1: Introduction to Nudges, gives a foundational understanding of what nudges are and why they work. Even if you have been exposed to nudges in the past, feel free to watch this video as a refresher.

To watch the Session 1 training video, click here: Introduction to Nudges.

After watching, there are some additional feedback questions that we ask that you complete as well. Just scroll to the bottom of the training video page and hit “Next” to share your thoughts.

In Session 1 we mention the Healthy Choices Matter Promoting Healthy Choices in Your Pantry Toolkit. You can find that toolkit here: Promoting Healthy Choices in Your Pantry Nudge Toolkit.

Nudge Training Session 1
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