Nudge Training Session 2

Welcomes to Session 2 of our Healthy Choices Matter Nudge Training Series!

We are excited to share this training resource with you, as you think about how to encourage healthy choices at your food pantry. This session, Increasing the Appeal of Healthy Foods takes a look at how pantry volunteers and staff can use the concept of “enhancing taste expectations” to get neighbors to both choose and use the foods at the pantry. This training focuses on simple strategies that can be implemented in both push and choice pantry settings. We’ll show you real examples of pantries in our region who have successfully implemented these strategies at their sites.

To watch the Session 2 training video click below:

Increasing the Appeal of Healthy Food


The training video highlights several resources available to you to implement these strategies at your site. Here they are:

Need Additional Support?

We, in partnership with University of Florida/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program, are investing in making sure you have all the support you need to implement changes at your pantry. We are offering optional group learning sessions or one-on-one support to pantries who participate in these nudge trainings. More information about these options and an opportunity to sign up can be found here: Sign Up For Additional Support.

Nudge Training Session 2
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