Nudge Training Session 5

Welcomes to Session 5 of our Healthy Choices Matter Nudge Training Series!

In this session, Engaging Volunteers to Elevate Healthy Choices, you will be able to learn how to maximize your volunteers’ voices by utilizing ‘verbal nudges’ to employ the techniques of visibility, enhancing taste expectations and suggestive selling. As you watch this video think about the easiest and most feasible things for your pantry nudge operation team to implement.

To watch Session 5 training video, click below:

Engaging Volunteers to Elevate Healthy Choices

Need Additional Support?

We, in partnership with University of Florida/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program, are investing in making sure you have all the support you need to implement changes at your pantry. We are offering one-on-one support to pantries who participate in these nudge trainings. Immediately following the training video, please scroll down and hit next to connect you to a support provider in your area.


Session 5 Engaging Volunteers to Elevate Healthy Choices Training Video Slides pdf

Second Harvest Promoting Healthy Choices in Your Pantry Nudge Toolkit

Nudge Training Session 5
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