Partner Spotlight: The Christian Sharing Center

Sharing Center DropThe Christian Sharing Center, a partner agency located in Seminole County, recently agreed to become a mobile drop host site. A non-profit since 1986, their focus is on preventing hunger and homelessness among families and individuals in crisis.  The Christian Sharing Center’s food pantry is open to individuals in need from Monday through Friday.

For their mobile drop on January 29th, there were no fewer than 80 volunteers on site to help with signing the clients in, pushing carts, loading vehicles, and assisting with traffic and parking.

Jon Carr, the Pantry Manager at The Christian Sharing Center, worked very hard to make this drop a successful one. Throughout the day he ensured that clients and volunteers were happy and enjoying themselves. The mood and merriment had become a central part of the experience for all involved.

A unique feature of the drop included an area where volunteers signed in clients that featured several tables of free product from the Sharing Center’s thrift store.  Having a variety of other products for the clients transformed something that could have been frustrating or scary into a welcoming experience that helped to raise the dignity of their clients in the process.

In total, 37,000 pounds of food were distributed to over 1076 individuals and 314 families thanks to the exceptional organization and attention to detail that went into planning the event. The next drop is planned for March 30th and they’re thinking of making it even bigger!

Congrats to The Christian Sharing Center on a most successful first mobile drop!

Partner Spotlight: The Christian Sharing Center
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