Nutrition Education at St. Rose of Lima

St. Rose of LimaWe would like to give recognition to a partner agency that worked with Chef Terah this month—St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Kissimmee.

Chef Terah provided nutrition education and healthy food samples to clients of St. Rose of Lima during their weekly distribution.

St. Rose of Lima serves approximately 100 people a week. With a team of supportive volunteers, their distribution runs smoothly and efficiently. Clients received canned goods, frozen meat, dairy products, cereal, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

When clients made it to the end of the distribution process, Chef Terah greeted them and provided food samples and education material. St. Rose of Lima even had a translator work with Chef Terah, which made it easy to communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients.

Chef Terah was most impressed with the level of teamwork St. Rose of Lima’s volunteers exemplified. Way to go St. Rose of Lima—we appreciate your dedication in serving the Osceola community!

Nutrition Education at St. Rose of Lima
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