Food Safety – Get Certified Before the End of 2015

Safeway logoThe last food safety training for 2015 will be held on Monday, December 7 at 1:00-3:30pm at Second Harvest. If you have staff or volunteers that are due for certification, have them sign up here.

Individuals who attend the training will receive the SafeStaff® Foodhandler Training Certificate. Space is limited, be sure to sign up now. The class fee is $10 per attendee.

Food Safety Facts – Did you know?

  • Poor personal hygiene, such as improper handwashing or glove use, working while sick, and having uncovered cuts or sores, is the leading cause of foodborne illness.
  • One of the biggest factors in foodborne illness outbreaks is time-temperature abuse. The temperature danger zone is between 41-135ᵒF. Microorganisms grow fastest at temperatures between 70-125ᵒF.
  • Keeping your site clean and sanitary will help prevent food from becoming contaminated. It will also keep pests from finding food and shelter at your site.

Attend the training to learn more!

Food Safety – Get Certified Before the End of 2015
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