Chef Terah Goes Shopping

Terah OURM

Chef Terah teamed up with the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) during one of their shopping appointments. Julio Cayo, Kitchen Manager at OURM, discussed some of his menu needs with Chef Terah. They were able to put their brains together and use what they found in the warehouse to cook up this delicious marinara sauce with meatballs.

Below are ingredients they found in the warehouse while they were shopping:

Tomatoes, Sliced Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Onions, Herbs, Italian Sausage and Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef

The marinara was a success! Julio sent us a picture of the final product. Yum! We are so glad that OURM was able to create a nutritious, delicious meal for their residents with fresh ingredients found in our warehouse.

Would you like some shopping guidance? Are you interested in finding ways to pair warehouse items together for clients or residents? Are you looking for creative ways to promote fresh produce?    

Chef Terah is happy to talk with you concerning your specific needs and interests. Call 407-514-1057, email or ask if she’s available at the front desk in Orlando.

Chef Terah Goes Shopping
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