Brevard County Agency of the Year..Hummingbird Pantry!

Congratulations to Hummingbird Pantry for being named 2019 Brevard County Agency of the Year at the Partner Agency Conference. Here is a little information about this amazing agency.

In early 2017 Regina Stafford from Hummingbird Pantry was operating thrift store and small pantry in a 1,000 sq ft storefront in Titusville.  Being that Titusville is considered a food desert based on the accessibility of groceries to those experiencing food insecurity, as a part of her goal to meet the community needs she also became a Second Harvest partner.

In 2018 needing a larger facility, she approached the city of Titusville to help her with a new location, they granted her to take over the kitchen and community rooms of Riverview Elementary as the school is no longer in operation.

Now with a 7,300 sq ft facility and adequate parking lot, Hummingbird began conducting mobile drops to get food to those in need quicker.

Being that Titusville as a good distance from the Melbourne warehouse, Regina championed to be a produce hub for Titusville where they’ll accept direct load of produce and coordinate with the surrounding Titusville pantries to pick it up from her, thus making it much easier to get healthy food to the community.  Faced with the extra expenses and equipment needs to do so, Regina didn’t bat an eye.

Since 2018 Hummingbird has distributed more than 90,000lbs of food, a 500% increase from the previous year.

It is an honor to work in partnership with Hummingbird Pantry. Congratulations on this well deserved honor.

Brevard County Agency of the Year..Hummingbird Pantry!
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