Agency Spotlight: Senior and Life Solutions

Walt Willis is the President of Senior and Life Solutions

As President of Senior and Life Solutions, Walt Willis secures, organizes, coordinates and delivers sorely needed food to over 1000 seniors each month.

Walt operates a unique program that provides some of the nutrition needs of housebound seniors who cannot get out to pick up the food that they may need. The Senior and Life Solutions team packs ten pounds of food to a bag, most of which Walt has ordered and picked up from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The bags are then loaded into the volunteers’ personal vehicles, which fan out across Seminole and Orange counties.

With a mission to “… help seniors anywhere we can, except medically, have a better tomorrow than today,” Walt and his team of volunteers are a welcome respite for the seniors they visit. They count on hearing Walt’s signature sign off, “Do me a favor… Have a Super Day”.

To learn more about Senior and Life Solutions please go to:

Erin Gray
Agency Relations Manager

Agency Spotlight: Senior and Life Solutions

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  1. Thanks for the very nice article on your new website! We do deliver all of our food, using volunteers called “Food Angels”. In Dec we will deliver to almost 1,300 people.
    Have a super blessed Christmas!

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