Summer Food Rocks…And Rolls!

2016 SFSP TrailerOur Summer Food Program for Children has never experienced such maneuverable mobility! We accelerated our pace by serving almost 175,000 freshly prepared breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks to youngsters in underserved areas who were on school vacation. All that in a mere 46 days!

Approximately 94 different locations in 5 counties went on a healthy nutritional ride, finally dashing across the finish line on Friday, August 12. On Monday, the kids were once again able to get their free school cafeteria lunches. This program “track” results in a “seamless” nutritional experience whereby the last turn is deftly handled, putting us in full control of the wheel as we throttle up our Kids Cafe Afterschool Meal Program that runs through next June.

This summer’s crowning achievement was the successful rollout of 7 mobile trailers with drop-down windows, heating units, air-conditioning, and all sorts of custom accessories. These units are able to reach areas that might not otherwise be accessible.

No pit stops were needed for our dedicated team of food production “artists” who arrived every day at 5 a.m.

Our logistics staff made sure the rubber met the road where the need was greatest.

Under the guidance of our experienced and professional food service management “technicians,” these “marvelous meal mechanics” constantly peered under the hood, kicked tires, checked temperatures and guided our team across the finish line and past the checkered flag!

We couldn’t have done it without our community partners, who day in and day out helped organize groups of youngsters at each “food fueling” location, making it easier for us to “deliver the goods.”

Most importantly, we are thrilled with the innovative approach taken this year. We decided to travel on a different and unfamiliar road, but our built-in, mission-driven GPS did not let us down. In the Olympic category of feeding youngsters, our entire team along with our community partners took the Gold!!!

Everyone took a victory lap as the engines of their hearts revved with pride!

When it comes to feeding kids, and food must absolutely, positively be there on time, we deliver, because “we are driven!!!”

Summer Food Rocks…And Rolls!
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