Patmos SDA Nudges Clients Towards Healthy Choices

patmos-sda-2Our Nutrition Educator, Chef Terah, has the privilege of working in the community with partner agencies and their clients every week. Chef Terah engages clients during food distribution by sharing recipes and health information, in addition to healthy food samples. When clients stop by her table, many of them are inspired to try new recipes that highlight fresh fruits and vegetables they receive that day.

Chef Terah recently provided nutrition education during distribution at Patmos SDA in Winter Park. Patmos SDA distributes food weekly, serving more than 200 households a month. As you can see in the images, Patmos SDA distributes a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables to the clients they serve. Last year they distributed more than 136,000 pounds of produce to their clients! We know their clients appreciate the quality and quantity of the food they receive.

Patmos’ distribution set-up is a great example of nudges in action. Nudges are strategies that agencies can put in place to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Patmos displays their produce in an organized and attractive manner on tables, not in boxes. This strategy makes fresh produce more enticing for clients to take.

Findings from the Feeding America Nutrition Nudge Research study, found nudges to increase the likelihood a healthy food item being chosen by clients in a pantry setting by 46 percent.

Way to go Patmos SDA for your all-star efforts! Patmos SDA is promoting health and wellness in the community and for their clients with their dedicated distribution efforts.patmos-sda-1patmossda-3

Patmos SDA Nudges Clients Towards Healthy Choices
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