Partner Spotlight: The Love Center at Calvary Christian Center

The Love Center (Calvary) Bob and Mary have been managing The Love Center at Calvary Christian Center for the last 3 years. They explain that the reason it’s named “The Love Center ” instead of “The Love Center Pantry,” is, according to Mary, because, “We are much more than a food pantry”!

Prior to Bob and Mary taking over the pantry’s management responsibilities, The Love Center only distributed nonperishable food. Since then, they have successfully incorporated the distribution of nutritious perishable items such a fresh produce, dairy products and meat.

The pounds distributed today versus 3 years ago has increased by over 500%! The Love Center also has a sandwich distribution. Every Saturday they go out into the community to distribute sandwiches, snacks and drinks, along with the next day’s bus schedule to the less fortunate. The bus schedule is actually a pamphlet that includes a bus route that will pick up and bring back anybody who would like to go to Calvary Christian Center for a hot meal on a Sunday afternoon.

The Love Center has a volunteer group of around 50 people and utilizes 25 on any given distribution day.

In addition to food, The Love Center also helps their clients out with furniture and clothing. They are actively searching the area for a new larger location and would love to expand their services.

The Love Center is a much needed program in the area, and thanks to kindness and generosity of Bob, Mary and their team, more neighbors in need are being helped in Volusia county.

Partner Spotlight: The Love Center at Calvary Christian Center
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