Mobile Drop at Apostolic Church of Jesus Altamonte Springs

Apostolic Mobile Drop 1Apostolic Church of Jesus Altamonte Springs is what you might have called an “old hand” in the Old West. At least in terms of Mobile Drops. This small church in Altamonte Springs has been regularly running Mobile Drops in addition to their regular pantry for a while now. On April 13th, I visited them for their latest drop.

Located in a residential area, Apostolic Church has worked with local residents and even construction across the street in order to bring this food to a community in need. As I worked alongside them during the drop, there was an overwhelming sense of joy and pride in helping their community.

Bishop Rolle, Herbert Bouey and Jewel Simmons have organized this event so well, that it’s a study in efficiency. Herbert had a plan for every detail including how to back a fully loaded semi-truck into a narrow residential street. Food is placed in front of the church and distributed by church volunteers. Individuals from the community drive along where food is placed into their cars. As clients drove through, they would smile and laugh with the volunteers, but you could see in their eyes how grateful they were for the assistance.

Over 20,000 pounds were distributed in this drop that assisted 123 families in the space of just a few hours! Those numbers speak for themselves. It was an amazing day.

Stephen Currence
Agency Relations Coordinator

Apostolic Mobile Drop 2


Mobile Drop at Apostolic Church of Jesus Altamonte Springs
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