God’s Pantry Special Mobile Distribution

God's PantryMobile drops are a great way for Partner Agencies to efficiently distribute large quantities of food to clients in a relatively short amount of time. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read on as Pat Gorski with God’s Pantry in Palm Bay describes their agency’s unique spin on a mobile drop:

Excitement! Exhaustion! Incredible! By the numbers:
– 22 pallets of food

22,112 pounds

808 clients representing 211 families

Every 45 seconds a vehicle was processed.  That vehicle might be one family or even 5 families.  From the time a vehicle entered the parking lot to register, it took 15 minutes for that vehicle to exit.

The above refers to our special drive through parking lot food distribution made possible by Second Harvest Food Bank with the assistance of Thrivent Financial. The variety of food that we received was very well balanced.  It was great that our Driver, Luis, knew his inventory to help in placing the pallets appropriately.

As the pallets were unloaded, they were assigned to a volunteer and counted so that distribution quantities could be determined.

Each family received approximately 100 pounds of food! What a special blessing while children are off school for the summer!

Our volunteers included Thrivent staff Sam and Erin.  It was great having Pastor Gary and Ruth B. assisting for the full day.  Our regular volunteers were out in full force with some special helpers bolstering our numbers.

A distribution of this type is offered at most once a month.  We hope to be able to have this opportunity again in the near future.

Thanks to all involved!

God's Pantry Group


God’s Pantry Special Mobile Distribution
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