Freezer Blanket Reminder

Dear Partner Agencies-

Maintaining the highest level of food safety possible for the vulnerable folks who rely on the Partner Agency Network for food is a bedrock value for all of us.

Maintaining the temperature of frozen product at or below 0 degrees is necessary to prevent thawing and spoilage.  Unfortunately, the high temperatures that we experience nearly year-round in Central Florida isn’t working to our advantage.

The best course of action is to require Partner Agencies without a refrigerated vehicle to utilize either an insulated blanket or coolers to transport frozen product picked up from the food bank.

Partner Agencies who don’t already have this equipment will have the option of sourcing their own insulated blankets, or, purchasing them at our cost through our online inventory.  We are able to secure special pricing through Feeding America’s vendor partnership with Samco Freezerware, and by taking advantage of a quantity discount.

8’ x 8’ heavyweight insulated blankets will be available for $75.00 each.  The code is PUR 911.

Partner Agencies must bring their insulated blanket to SHFB at the time of pickup to protect any frozen product received during transport. The revised MOA,  has a section that includes the frozen product transport policy.

Thank you for being excellent stewards of the food distributed to fight hunger in your communities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this change.



Your Agency Relations Team

Freezer Blanket Reminder
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