Peaches in the warehouse Nutrition Program

At Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, our mission is to fight hunger in Central Florida. Because that means more than simply providing calories, we strive to solicit, obtain and distribute as many nutrient-rich foods as possible.

Our warehouses receive a wide range of food products varying in nutritional value each day. We believe that all types of food can fit within a healthy diet and we understand that every individual we serve has food preferences.

Knowing this, we choose not to reject food and beverage donations based on nutrient quality. Through nutrition education and the distribution of nutrient-rich foods, we strive to feed the hungry, help them make healthier food choices and positively impact the health of Central Floridians.

In the coming years, we will continue to expand our reach and strive to make our community healthier by feeding hope, fighting hunger and fueling health.

The nutrition position statement of the Second Harvest Food Bank incorporates the following concepts:

  • We accept all donated foods
  • All types of food can fit in a balanced diet
  • Individuals exercise choice in food selection
  • We encourage healthy choices

Please visit the Nutrition feed and Nutrition Resources page for recipes, handouts, and program announcements.  You can find upcoming nutrition and safe food handling training dates on the Calendar.

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