Holiday Nutrition News

Applesauce. Evaporated skim milk. Powdered sugar. Fruit canned in its own juice.

What do these pantry staples have in common?

They can all be healthy substitutes for holiday baking! Trim some calories from your favorite holiday sweets with these healthy baking substitutes.

Healthy Baking Substitutes for the Holidays

Let us know how your sweet treats turn out!

Maria Ali
Nutrition Manager

A Three Pound Pickle?!

Volusia County warehouse cucumbersCan you imagine having a corn beef on rye sandwich or your favorite burger served with a three pound pickle? There are many stories of why we receive certain food donations. The typical ones may be that an item is close to its expiration date or there is a packaging mistake, etc. However, we thought we would share the story behind the giant cucumber.

A local farm was harvesting cucumbers and having to dump tons of them. We asked why!? The farmer has a contract with a major pickle brand and some of the cucumbers didn’t meet the manufacturer’s specifications. They were either too big, too small or oddly shaped. As a result, there was no market for them and they needed to be dumped…until we stepped up and offered to “rescue” them and find them welcoming homes in Central Florida. We have been able to collect millions of pounds of fresh produce over the past year; food that would have gone to waste. (more…)

Agency Spotlight: Senior and Life Solutions

Walt Willis is the President of Senior and Life Solutions

As President of Senior and Life Solutions, Walt Willis secures, organizes, coordinates and delivers sorely needed food to over 1000 seniors each month.

Walt operates a unique program that provides some of the nutrition needs of housebound seniors who cannot get out to pick up the food that they may need. The Senior and Life Solutions team packs ten pounds of food to a bag, most of which Walt has ordered and picked up from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The bags are then loaded into the volunteers’ personal vehicles, which fan out across Seminole and Orange counties. (more…)