New Name, Same Mission: Kids Snack Packs Provide Weekend Meals for Students

When teachers in our community noticed that students were coming to school on Mondays with headaches and stomachaches, they called Second Harvest in search of a solution. They identified these students as participants in the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs and explained that the last meal the students had eaten was at school the Friday before. Living in such a food rich community, the thought of any child going two days without food was and still is appalling.


Agency Spotlight: Jesus Loves You Outreach

Jesus Loves you Outreach is a small pantry located in  Winter Garden. Upon arrival you would never know that they feed about 550 people a month. With a small space and a team of volunteers, they are able to provide groceries to their community. If you were to visit this pantry, you might receive a bag of food made up of fresh milk, veggies, meat, cereal and other staples that make a huge impact on the families in Winter Garden. Having visited several of their distributions, I am always struck by the sense of  community, all the smiling faces and conversations that are happening between the clients.

Pauline Jackson, the President of the food pantry, makes sure the community knows when and where the food is being distributed, making it accessible for everyone. During my last visit she was excited to share that she had made a calendar with the distribution days and times on it and pens to share with her clients and community partners. It’s a privilege to see  agencies like Jesus Loves You do extraordinary things in the community with the resources available to them!               

 – Fernanda Ngo

Johnny Goes to Washington

Six months after completing Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program, Johnny Brummit received an invitation of a lifetime. On July 25, he traveled with his grandmother who instilled a love of cooking in him, to Washington, DC to speak at the White House as part of the one-year celebration event in honor of the Pledge to America’s Workers.


Summer is Off to a Hot Start with Hot Meals for Kids

Second Harvest’s 12th annual Summer Food Program completed its first month of service on June 28th.

Throughout the month of June, Second Harvest’s fleet of trailers delivered over 102,610 breakfasts, hot lunches, and snacks to 98 participating locations in six counties, including YMCA’s, Parks and Recreation Centers, summer camps, libraries and churches.