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February 7, 2017

Healthy Items Available Through (PUR) Power Purchase

Author: Agency Relations & Programs Team

As a food bank, we are preparing ourselves to work with others in the community who want to make an impact on community health. Along with providing nutrition education, we will distribute as much nutrient-rich food as possible into the communities we serve. With the help of our partner agency network, we distributed 18 million pounds of fresh produce in the last year alone.

We’ve recently compiled a list of shelf-stable items that can be ordered through our Power Purchase (PUR) program. These items align with Feeding America’s Foods to Encourage (F2E) framework. The F2E framework supports USDA’s MyPlate recommendations for consuming more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

When making your order, we encourage you to select more of these items to promote better health for the clients you serve. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our Nutrition Manager at


January 10, 2017

Reaching The Seniors in Underserved Areas in New and Unique Ways!

Author: Agency Relations & Programs Team

31498119656_6ed165a6b4_oOn December 9th the Table Sixty Committee conducted a Senior and Families Market and Resource Fair.  The Table Sixty Committee consists of staff members from Second Harvest Food Bank, Winter Park Health Foundation, Catholic Charities, United Way, AARP, Seniors First, Senior Resource Alliance and UCF.

The Table Sixty Committee had determined through research that the Old Baldwin Park area near Semoran Blvd in East Orlando has an underserved senior population. The goal was to have a Market and Resource Fair in that area, so that we could talk with and survey the seniors to find what the needs may be in that underserved location.

We contacted The Knights of Columbus which is located in the Old Baldwin Park area and they were gracious enough to allow us to have the food distribution and resource fair at their location.

Dr. Jim Wright created the survey which we used when we spoke with the seniors that attended the event on the 9th.  With the data from the survey we were to find out the 22 of the 25 people that were surveyed have food insecurity.   More than half of the people surveyed did not know about the local food pantries in their area.  And, 19 of the 25 people feel that they do not eat enough fresh produce, and should eat more.

We were very happy with the turnout for our first event targeting a specific population such as the seniors. We are hopeful that we will be able to have more food distributions, and learn more about the seniors in need in the Old Baldwin Park , and surrounding areas.






October 12, 2016

Patmos SDA Nudges Clients Towards Healthy Choices

Author: Agency Relations & Programs Team

patmos-sda-2Our Nutrition Educator, Chef Terah, has the privilege of working in the community with partner agencies and their clients every week. Chef Terah engages clients during food distribution by sharing recipes and health information, in addition to healthy food samples. When clients stop by her table, many of them are inspired to try new recipes that highlight fresh fruits and vegetables they receive that day.

Chef Terah recently provided nutrition education during distribution at Patmos SDA in Winter Park. Patmos SDA distributes food weekly, serving more than 200 households a month. As you can see in the images, Patmos SDA distributes a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables to the clients they serve. Last year they distributed more than 136,000 pounds of produce to their clients! We know their clients appreciate the quality and quantity of the food they receive. Read More …

September 20, 2016

Chili Season

Author: Agency Relations & Programs Team

chiliFootball games, tailgates and team shirts!

As fall arrives we begin to look forward to comfort foods such as stews and chili. These one-pot meals are especially fantastic for your busy clients that are juggling work and after-school events. They also freeze well when larger portions are made.

Chili is a great one-pot meal to add to the weekly menu because it’s nutritious, filling, and tasty.


It’s also versatile. Chili can be eaten like a soup, or enjoyed with pasta, nachos and hot dogs.

Make chili a little healthier with a few simple changes:

  • Substitute ground turkey for ground beef, or use lean ground beef (90% lean/10% fat). If you use ground beef with more fat, drain fat from the pot after browning the meat.
  • Add plenty of beans—a variety. Beans not only add fiber but can also be used as a substitute for ground beef. You can use beans to make your chili heartier. If you put less beef in your chili, add more beans.
  • Savor the flavor. Onion, garlic, bell peppers, hot peppers, and cocoa powder are just a few ingredients that can transform the taste of chili. They pack a nutritious punch and increase the amount of disease-fighting antioxidants in your meal.

Are you hungry yet? Experiment with the recipes below.

Read More …