Inventory Highlighted Items


The Banana Box



Our fresh produce this month features












DAI14818:     Milk White  2%     ( Best By   5/31/2018 ) Reduced @ .05 Cent/ lb.
1,500 cases available.


CON17245:   Hot Fudge Topping @ 0.05 cent/ lb.


CON17244 : Chocolate Syrup  @ 0.05 cent/ lb.


GA4021:       Assorted Family Food Box GA,
552 Boxes available.


MEA16060:  Morning Star Veggie-style Patties,
478 Cases available.


MET14768:    Chicken Wings, Seasoned
224 Cases available.


MET14754: Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritters
1,029 Cases available.


DAI14816:    Ice Cream, Drumstick
437 Cases available.


DAI14794:  Ice Cream, Assorted Flavors
1,695 Cases available






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TEFAP Training Dates
Attention TEFAP Agencies! It is that time of year again. Please follow the link below and make sure that you sign up for TEFAP training for the 2018-19 TEFAP year.
All trainings must be completed before July 1, 2018 when your current contract expires. Anyone who does not take this required training will be removed from the TEFAP program. 
Contact your coordinator for the link.