Inventory Highlighted Items


The Banana Box



Our fresh produce this month features

Egg Plant




CON17241: Vegetable Oil Wesson

DAI14794:  Ice Cream, Assorted Flavors

DAI14815:  Ice Cream, Drumstick

MEA16060:  Morning Star Veggie-style Patties

MET14754:  Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritters

MET14768: Chicken Wings, Seasoned

PUR-9125:  Soup Tomato 24-10.5oz

PUR-9153:  Soup Chicken Noodle   24-10.5oz

PUR-9467:  Elbow Macaroni 20-16oz

PUR-320 :    Milk 2% shelf stable 12/32oz Cartons

PUR-929:    Mac & Cheese Dinner 24-7.25oz

VEG14190:  Black Beans




This is just a reminder that in accordance with your 2018 MOA,   Agencies are responsible for protecting all the food they receive from Second Harvest during transport to their agencies. Please review the following. The requirement for the use Tarps in addition to Freezer Blankets with be strictly enforced as of July 2, 2018. If you transport food in a vehicle with an open area, you will need to use a tarp secured by a bungie cord to cover all uncovered food.

  1. Agencies will be responsible to protect all their food from heat, rain, dust and the elements during transport from the food bank.
  2. Agencies will be responsible to cover all exposed food items during their transportation (open top trailers, pickup beds etc.) with a suitable tarp that is secured for travel.  Agencies will be responsible to bring tarps and bungees each time they transport items from SHFB.
  3. Agencies will be responsible for bringing insulated blankets and/or coolers each time frozen/ refrigerated items are transported from SHFB.
  4. Insulated blankets and/or coolers and tarps will be inspected during the annual monitoring conducted by the Agency Relations Department and prior to pick up.

d.Upon picking up product from the food bank, agencies will transport the product directly back to the agency storage location unless picking up additional product for distribution to clients. No side trips allowed.


If you have any questions, please contact your Agency Relations Team.


Shopping Reminders

Please remember that because all branches of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida are operating warehouses shoppers MUST wear closed toed shoes any time they are present in the warehouse. If you are not wearing closed toed shoes, you will not be allowed in the warehouse areas.


If you need to cancel a shopping appointment, please make sure that it is 24 hours in advance if possible. In case of an emergency, please notify us as soon as possible before the scheduled appointment. No shows are not acceptable.


TEFAP Training Dates

Attention TEFAP Agencies! It is that time of year again. Please follow the link below and make sure that you sign up for TEFAP training for the 2018-19 TEFAP year. All trainings must be complete before July 1, 2018 when your current contract expires. Anyone who does not take this required training will be removed from the TEFAP program.  Contact your coordinator for the link.